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Fish Oil Fallacy:
Learn why fish oil is not as helpful as many people believe. In fact, for most people consuming fish oil  going the wrong direction of favoring Derivative EFAs over Parent EFAs. See our scientific references!

Consuming (modern) edible oils can be a worst or best health practice, depending on which vegetable oils. Thin, “oxygen-attracting” oils from plants are your best friends, while the same oils, if cooked or processed incorrectly are not your friends. You need to understand this issue. It is vital to health!


Adulterated vegetable oils will undermine your health in just a few decades of consumption, or, undamaged vegetable oils will improve the entire health of your body, from your brain and cardiovascular system down to your feet and toes. With the sole exception of sugar and simple carbohydrates, no other food does as much overall health damage to a population of people as do “processed for longer shelf life” vegetable oils that most people eat. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, virtually no other food is as beneficial to one’s health as the undamaged oils from flower, seeds, needs and grasses, such as those found in the product called Parent Essential Oils.


The whole “vegetable oil curse or blessing topic” boils down to whether the oils consumed become part of cell membranes and increase oxygen transfer from the blood and interstitial fluids or become part of cell membranes and decrease oxygen transfer into the cells. You need to learn which vegetable oils do which of those things. Brian Peskin’s video below is well worth 13.8 minutes to understand this critical matter. When you finish watching this video, you will understand why Parent Essential Oils from vegetables, flowers, seeds and nuts are one of the very most important of all foods to ensure that one has good health throughout life.



hidden_story_of_cancer_smallpeosolutionbookBrian Peskin has laid out the whole matter of how dietary oils either destroy or empower your health in two groundbreaking books. The first, The Hidden Story of Cancer (went through six printings), is now out of print and has been replaced by Brian Peskin’s new book, the “PEO Solution”, co-authored with Dr. Robert Rowen. By reading and understanding these watershed books, it will become as plain as the nose on your face that cancer, heart disease and many other chronic diseases are the “to-be-expected” result of eating modern “processed for long-shelf life” vegetable oils, partially hydrogenated oils or any adulterated, polyunsaturated oil.




Greatly Increases the Likelihood of Cancer in One’s Future

Denatured polyunsaturated oils are problematic for the human body because they incorporate into human cell membranes and reduce the ability of cells to obtain adequate amounts of oxygen from the blood and interstitial fluids; meaning that oxygen content within the cells becomes less than what it would otherwise be if those adulterated oils hadn’t been consumed. Denatured oils can be likened to forcing a key into a key hold that doesn’t fit and then not being able to extract, not only does the door not open (oxygen go into the cell), but until the lock is replaced (the cell replicates sometime in the future), no oxygen can get through thereafter.

Please pay attention to the following statement by Bernard C. Majalca, N.D. (Stage Four Cancer Researcher):

In the last ninety-three years, there have been only two monumental works that have succeeded in explaining the actual cause and treatment of cancer. Number one is the Nobel Prize-winning German physician and scientist, Otto Warburg, M.D., Ph.D. work, The Metabolism of Tumours, published in Germany in 1910. Number two is Professor Brian Scott Peskin’s The Hidden Story of Cancer, which details a scientific breakthrough that explains Dr. Warburg’s research and introduces new science that will prevent cancer. This is undoubtedly a breakthrough of biblical proportions.

We look forward to an inevitable, coming day when all people on earth will understand that the prime cause of cancer  and many chronic diseases is low cell oxygen........ and that an important way to help prevent low cell oxygen is frequently consuming undamaged, “thin” oxygen attracting oils called Alpha Linolenic Acid and Linolenic Acid. These Parent Essential Fatty Acids are found IN raw vegetables, seeds, nuts, flowers and grasses. These thin, oxygen-attracting oils are alternatively called Parent Omega Oils, or, as Brian Peskin terms it, Parent Essential Oils because they are essential to life. By the time we reach the day that people generally understand the importance of Parent Essential Oils, suffering from the greater destroyer of life called cancer and and suffering from many other diseases will belong to the annals of history (just like scurvy). Certainly, the cause of cancer is not mysterious for those who have read either of Brian Peskin's watershed books.

Come up to speed quickly on the value of Parent Essential Oils:

cellular_oxygen_levelsThe true cause of cancer, according to Dr. Warburg, is that if oxygen content in a cell is reduced by 35% of its normal requirement, that cell will stop trying to use oxygen to meet its energy needs and will start to rely, instead, on glycolysis (fermenting sugar anaerobically, a primitive survival mechanism) to gain energy.  Within as little as 48 hours of using glycolysis a cell cannot return to normal respiration energy mode. Such sugar fermentation resulting from inadequate cellular oxygen content is what Dr. Otto Warburg calls a prime cause of cancer.

Many scientists have come to believethat a restriction of oxygen flow from blood stream to cellular cytoplasm and mitochondria caused by oxygen-flow-resisting cell membranes caused by eating processed vegetable oils due to cell membrane incorporation of those “process for long shelf life” vegetable oils IS THE MAJOR MODERN CAUSE OF LOW CELL OXYGEN DISEASES.

Please note that it is only corrupted or adulterated or damaged vegetable oils that are a problem; and the reason is because manufacturers of dietary vegetable oils purposefully process vegetable oils via chemical and heat transfer processes in order to alter them enough to give them longer shelf life by reducing the their affinity for oxygen which reduces the rate of rancidity processes so that the oils smell okay longer. (To manufacturers of vegetable oil — oxygen is the enemy of long shelf-life). Because vegetable oils are in most processed and fast foods (which are a mainstay of modern people), fast foods are almost like a modern plague in terms of reducing health and wellness because of the reduction of cellular oxygen content in people that eat fast food as the oils in these foods incorporate into the person’s cell membranes.

# 1 Good Health Practice Is Eating Unadulterated Seed Oils - Because having ample oxygen in the cells of tissue is at the top of best health insurance practices anyone can have and unadulterated seed oils ensure help insure high cellular oxygen.

And, all it really takes is switching one’s oil consumption from oils that degrade cellular oxygen content (i.e. today’s, grocery-shelf vegetable oils) to oxygen-neutral oils such as olive oil or coconut oil, or what is far better is to have a daily intake of oxygen-friendly oils, called Parent Essential Oils (these oils are Alpha-Linolenic and Linolenic fatty acid containing seed oils that are extracted without damaging heat or damaging processing techniques, and protected from oxidation). Oxygen-friendly oils are up to twice as good as oxygen neutral oils in helping oxygen to transfer from the blood into the cell through the cell membrane.

ATP Energy is Fundamental

Keep Your Cellular Oxygen Levels High... or Else There is a Large Consequence!

Cancer, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and much more are all potential results of inadequate cellular oxygenation. These diseases of inadequate oxygenation cause untold suffering and loss of life, that is totally avoidable once one understands how cellular oxygenation takes place.

The most fundamental issue to human life is the making of energy inside each cell of the body, by converting oxygen and fuel (fat and sugars) into ATP energy. (ATP is the energy cells use to function). As described above, a vital key to this energy process is having an adequate amount of oxygen inside the cell. If there isn’t an adequate amount of oxygen, then energy production is unavoidably restricted (just as any fire must have ample oxygen in order to continue to burn). When energy production is inadequate to meet cellular needs, then many cell operations do not proceed normally, allowing disease to occur.

The above concept is the scientific logic behind why Brian Peskin says that Cancer, Parkinson’s,  Alzheimer’s Cardiovascular Disease and other diseases are either directly caused or greatly accelerated when cellular oxygen levels are less than optimum. Ample Cellular Oxygen is the MASTER KEY for avoiding many of life’s most devastating health challenges. And, because most people don’t understand how to keep cellular oxygen high, millions of people have suffered and are currently suffering the consequences of inadequate cellular oxygen.

Breathing More Is Not the Solution to Having More Oxygen in the Cell

Maintaining high blood oxygen saturation (96 plus) is a good thing, but is inadequate by itself. If that were all that was needed to have high cell oxygen content (and, thereby, avoid cancer and many other diseases), then, all one would need to do to avoid cancer is to breathe more deeply or use oxygen supplements because those things raise blood oxygen saturation levels. But, look at all the people utilizing supplemental oxygen, deep breathing techniques and also look at athletes who breathe much more than ordinary people and yet all of these still get cancer (which is an absolute sign of low levels of cellular oxygen).

We want to teach two small and simple practices that can be used by anyone and everyone to ensure ample cellular oxygen levels, so that you can put the odds in your favor of avoiding diseases that grow out of low cell oxygen - such as cancer. Keep reading to find these two practices below.

Cell Membrane Permeability to Oxygen is the Key to Cellular Oxygen Levels

At the most fundamental level, a cell’s oxygen level is the result of the permeability of that cell’s membrane to oxygen. Oxygen permeability is simply the rate of transfer of oxygen from the blood through the cell membranes into the cells. Cell membrane oxygen permeability grows out of whether one’s cell membranes have been constructed from oxygen transport friendly oils... or not.

Oxygen Friendly Oils are the Key to Cell Membrane Permeability to Oxygen

Oxygen friendly oils are oils that attract, hold and release oxygen easily.

Sadly, few people routinely consume oxygen friendly oils, the most important of which are Linolenic and Alpha-Linolenic oils (found in many seeds) The lack of consumption of these two oils and the consumption, instead, of modern vegetable oils (which have been made into oxygen-barrier oils through modern processing techniques) is the major cause of low cell oxygenation which is the prime cause of Cancer.

Essential Habit # 1Don’t Eat Grocery Store, Vegetable Oils

Our modern, consumer vegetable oils are oxygen-resistive oils because they have been processed to resist oxygen in order to have long shelf-life. Yes, we believe that the major cause of cancer in our modern world is grocery store oils — not the edible oils that were eaten hundreds of years ago, but the ones that have been processed today to have a long shelf-life.

Essential Habit # 2 — Do Eat Oxygen Friendly Oils

Cellular oxygen is the most fundamental of all health issues. If you want to increase your odds of  avoiding low cell oxygenation health challenges, we have a simple solution called Parent Essential Oils. Click here to buy Parent Essential Oils, which contain an abundance of Linolenic and Alpha Linolenic oils in an optimum ratio. Or, you can simply eat regularly those organic, cold-pressed oils that contain Linolenic and Alpha Linolenic fatty acids. We show you a list of these Parent Essential Oils below.

We warn you, along with the warnings of Dr. Otto Warburg and Professor Brian Peskin, that if oxygen doesn’t transfer sufficiently from the blood into the cells, very serious health consequences can result, as in:.

  1. 48 hours of a 35% reduction of cellular oxygen pushes a cell into Cancer!  More
  2. Cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, etc., are ALL associated with a reduction in cellular oxygen!  More

The amount of oxygen in one’s cells is NOT merely a function of breathing, aerobic exercise and/or oxygen supplementation. All of these will put increased amounts of oxygen into the blood, but each of us is already taking 17,000 breaths (2,600 gallons of air) per day meaning we most likely have ample oxygen in our blood. The challenge is to ensure that the oxygen goes from the blood THROUGH THE CELLULAR MEMBRANES into the cells. Whether the oxygen goes through or not is determined by the health of the cell membrane and this is largely determined by the kinds of oils we eat.

The key to ensuring maximum oxygen transfer into cells is to help the cell membranes to be optimally healthy and supportive of transfer of oxygen into the cell’s interior.

And the key to oxygen permeable cell membranes is the types of oils we eat. Cell membranes are built from fatty acids, also known as lipids, or oils. So, we want to continuously eat the types of oils that are oxygen-transport-friendly rather than oxygen-transport-resistive.

    Bottom Line: The Oils You Eat Hold the Key to Your Cellular Oxygen Levels... And To Whether You Develop Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Etc. or Not!

    Parent Essential Oils
    Transport Up To Double The Amount Of Oxygen
    From the Blood to the Cell Than Do Other Edible Oils

  • In modern times mankind is experiencing an epidemic of cancer, the root cause of which is insufficient oxygenation at the cellular level.
  • An emerging group of scientists believe that a major reason for this epidemic is the consumption of oxygen-barrier oils, i.e. standard consumer oils, that become part of our cell membranes and block oxygen diffusion into our cells.
  • To help ensure your cells are optimally oxygenated thereby increasing their immunity to cancer and other diseases, you need to avoid eating oxygen-resistant oils and consume instead oxygen-diffusion-enabling oils that Brian Peskin calls Parent Essential Oils, aka undamaged Linolenic and alpha-Linolenic oils.
  • The desirable oils, Linolenic and alpha Linolenic oils are a “tag-team” meaning that exclusively eating only one of them will not result in maximal increases in cellular oxygenation. Both of them are needed, in a balance of approximately 2.5 to 1 (Linolenic to alpha Linolenic).
  • If you ignore these Parent Essential Oils and eat, as is common, “oxygen-UN-friendly” oils, including vegetable oils, margarine, (partially) hydrogenated oils, etc., and bakery products that are made from oxygen-UN-friendly oils, then you will be doing so knowing that you are ”throttling down” the oxygen diffusion into your cells significantly, and setting the stage for eventual serious health challenges.
  • On the other hand, if you are consuming plenty of Parent Essential Oils (aka Linolenic and alpha-Linolenic containing oils), then you can be doubling (or more) the rate of oxygen diffusion from your blood into your cells.

Deep Breathing And Oxygen Supplementation
Do Not
Put Oxygen Into Your Cells!blood_oxygen_level


Not the “Real” Answer for Optimum Cellular Oxygen










Consider that if breathing more oxygen (like persons to the left are doing) was sufficient to produce increased cellular oxygen, then athletes or persons who regularly exercised, should never get cancer because their cellular levels of oxygen would always be optimally high. Right?

Wrong! Athletes do get cancer!


In today’s, processed food world it is common for people to have plenty of oxygen in their blood stream and yet have insufficient oxygen inside their cells because THE CELL MEMBRANES (that surround and enclose their cells) have become resistant over time to the diffusion of oxygen across that membrane into the cell interior... because consumer grade vegetable oils have been consumed over a long period of time. This oxygen deficiency inside the cell is a prime cause of cancer and other modern health challenges.

Oxygen-Friendly Edible Oils are the Foundation to Cellular Oxygenation

The way to have optimum cellular oxygen levels is to ensure that the oxygen (O2) in the bloodstream goes cell_membrane_small_with_o2from the bloodstream THROUGH the cellular membrane (the cell’s bilayer lipidbylayeroxygentransportprotective enclosure) and into the cellular fluid.

Oils (also called fatty acids and lipids) are a major component from which one’s cell membranes are constructed. The oils a person eats are the grand key to having high levels of cellular oxygen because certain oils, called Parent Essential Oils, when incorporated into cell membranes produce higher rates of oxygen diffusion through the cell membranes into the cells than others.

Parent Essential Oils = Oxygen In the Cell

Parent Essential Oils (aka Linolenic & alpha Linolenic—the parents of Omega 6 and Omega 3) can transport up to twice as much oxygen from blood to cells as can consumer-grade, (i.e., processed for long shelf-life) vegetable oils. It is, therefore, vitally important to consume the Parent Essential Oils (aka Parent Omega Oils) because when these oxygen friendly oils are incorporated into our cell membranes (instead of oxygen-resistant, typical consumer oils) our cellular oxygen levels will be much higher!

The oxygen-attracting oils called Parent Essential Oils cannot be manufactured by the body. They must be obtained from food.

Parent Essential Oils are scientifically called Linolenic acid (LA) and alpha Linolenic acid (AL). They are the parents of Omega 3 and Omega 6. Note that the derivative EPA/DHA derivative oils, aka Omega 3 and Omega 6, that are found in fish oil/krill oil and many supplements, are NOT Parent Essential Oils, and will overdose your body, causing stress to your body, if consumed in supplement form.

In other words, by all means, eat the fish, but don’t overdose yourself with fish oil supplements.

Standard Grocery Store Oils = Cellular Deficiency of Oxygen

Because modern food oils have been denatured and turned into oxygen barrier oils, consuming such denatured oils means that our cell membranes will incorporate these oxygen-resistant oils into their structure. This will undermine the ability of our cellular membranes to allow oxygen into the cells. This causes the oxygen level inside the cell to DIMINISH. When the level goes down enough... disease results.

Grocery store oils are “denatured” (turned into oxygen barrier oils) in the pursuit of SHELF-LIFE. The main goal of modern food oil processing is greater profits through longer shelf life (read processing steps below) and oxygen is the prime obstacle in regard to increasing shelf life. That’s why our modern food processing tactics seek to take away the ability of an oil to hold oxygen - because oxygen is what causes those oils to go  rancid.

Denatured Oils = One of the Greatest Causes of Disease on Earth

When oil manufacturers decided to increase the shelf-life of consumer vegetable oils (by reducing their ability to hold oxygen), they unwittingly consigned millions of people to horrible deaths by cancer and undermined the quality of life of millions more due to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s’, Chronic Fatigue, etc., all of which are the result of insufficient cellular oxygen. Such disease will continue to escalate unless and until the practice of eating long-shelf-life, adulterated, denatured oils is ended and people eat instead the oxygen-attracting oils called Parent Essential Oils.

Principle to remember:

The greater the oxygen transporting capacity of one’s cellular membranes THE BETTER. And the less the oxygen transporting capacity of one’s cellular membranes, THE WORSE. Therefore, eating the wrong types of oils — which will incorporate into our cellular membranes — is one of the worst health practices anyone can have.

The great modern enemies of cellular oxygen (and healthy life) are denatured oils, in order of damage potential:

  1. Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils
  2. Margarine
  3. Fried foods (virtually all oils when heated become oxygen resistant oils)
  4. Standard grocery-shelf, vegetable oils (corn, Canola, soybean oils)
  5. Shortening
  6. *Fish and krill and other marine oils are enemies of our health because are mega-doses of Omega  oil derivatives, i.e. soft-drugs, that create pharmacological (stress) reactions in our body.

Oils are the Most Critical Components of the Foods We Eat — because from them are formed our all important cell membranes. If you don’t get the oils in your diet right, you are SEVERELY handicapped in your quest for optimum cellular oxygen leading to optimum health.

”Parent” Essential Oils are the Oxygenation-Friendly Oils You Want in Your Body for Ensuring Optimum Levels of Cellular Oxygen

A partial list of such oxygen-friendly oils that contain Linolenic acid and alpha Linolenic acid include (all organic and cold-pressed): evening primrose oil, high Linolenic, sunflower oil, high Linolenic safflower oil, flax oil, pumpkin oil and coconut oil. You can consume such Parent Essential Oils individually, but, the most efficient way is to consume a “Peskin recommended” blend of Parent Essential Oils that optimizes the factors of the entire group of oils.

A Ranking of a Few Common Oils For Their Relative Ability to Transport Oxygen Into Cells (from best to neutral to bad)


Denaturing of Standard Food Oils —
The Way They Are Processed Turns
These Oils Into Oxygen-Barrier Oils

  1. Organic Blend of Parent Essential Oils (already in a 2.5 : 1 ratio of Linolenic to alpha Linolenic oils)
  2. Organic, Cold-Pressed Flax Seed oil
  3. Organic, Cold-Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil
  4. Organic, Cold-Pressed Evening Primrose Oil
  5. Organic, Cold-Pressed Safflower Oil
  6. Organic, Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil
  7. Organic, Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil
  8. Organic, Cold-Pressed Walnut Oil
  9. Organic, Cold-Pressed Almond Oil
  10. Organic, Cold-Pressed Sesame Seed Oil
  11. Coconut Oil
  12. Olive Oil
  13. Rice Bran Oil
  14. Saturated Oils (Dairy, Animal, Poultry)
  15. Standard Grocery Oils - Corn, Soybean & Canola
  16. Omega 3/6 Supplements
  17. Shortening, Ghee
  18. Fish Oil & Krill Oil
  19. Hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils


The process of preparing oils for the supermarket tends to destroy oils’ ability to function properly in the body in terms of oxygen transport. Here are the various steps taking place with the majority of consumer oils:

  • Start with Seeds, Beans, Nuts, Fish or Krill
  • Wash
  • Squash or Mash
  • Solvent Soak (hydrocarbon solvent)
  • Remove Solids (boil off at approximately 300° F.
  • Mix with Water to Separate Solids
  • Spin to Remove Solids
  • Add alkali (like lye or drain cleaner) and mix well
  • Spin to remove more particles
  • Bleach at 230° F.
  • Filter
  • Steam treat at 450° F. and vacuum
  • Chill and filter again
  • Add preservatives and antifoam agent (silicone)
  • Package

Parent Essential Oils Must Be Uncooked and Unprocessed AND BLENDED IN AN APPROPRIATE RATIO

To function as oxygen attractors in your cell membranes, Parent Essential Oils must be uncooked and very minimally touched by man. They must be protected from damaging elements such as light and heat.

Finally, Parent Essential Oils function as a tag-team within your membranes. So, it is important to ensure that both Linolenic and Alpha Linolenic oils are incorporated into your cell membranes. Single oils will be unbalanced with predominantly one or the other of LA or ALA. So, you need to eat many types of oils. That is why our PEO supplement contains numerous oils not just one. It is best to eat LA and ALA oils in an approximate 2.5 to 1 ratio to obtain the optimum oxygen attracting benefit and less work for the body to discard unneeded fatty acids.

Now that you know about oxygen-friendly and oxygen-barrier oils, what are you going to do?noBarrierOils

  1. The first thing you should do is eliminate from your consumption, so far as possible, all of the oxygen-transport inhibiting oils, i.e. the bad guys. Just removing from your life those denatured oils that inhibit the diffusing of oxygen through the cell membranes, by itself, will result in greater cellular oxygen levels and consequently improved health.
  2. say_yes_to_peosThe next thing you should do is add to your consumption the oils that will enable greater rates of oxygen diffusion into the cells. An excellent way to do this is to consume the Parent Essential Oils Supplement that has been created with a ‘balancing ratio’ of 2.5 Linolenic Acid to 1 Alpha-Linolenic Acid. This supplement will help to ensure that oxygen transfer from your blood into your cells will be high and it is possibly the best health insurance money can buy.
  3. understandBeyond that, we suggest you read the several sections of this web site in order to understand the science as to why Parent Essential Oils are the best way for increasing cellular oxygen to a maximum level - so that you can be a source of the greatest truth there is about health for your friends and loved ones.


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